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Saving Magazines………

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Carbine, Mindset, Pistol, Training

It’s always a point of contention among instructors, students, and just about anyone who gets into training more involved than their CCW permit class.

My thoughts:
If it’s empty and you are doing a bolt/slide lock reload, dump it and try to retrieve it later if you have the ability.

If its a partial mag retain it.

My thought process:
If I’ve shot to bolt or slide lock getting more ammo in my gun is of more importance at the moment than retaining an empty magazine.

If I have a partial mag I’m changing, A. I’m behind cover/concealment and getting ready to move to a new position B. the fight is over. Both of those situations afford me some ability to slow down what I’m doing to save my partial magazine.
I would go as far as saying retain an empty if you’re in situation A. behind hard cover or C. if you’re 100% sure the fight is over.

In a fight your one mission is to stay alive. There are infinite number of scenarios I can think of where I would rather retain my mags, but most of them involve having a team to cover my downtime to reload and none of them involve having no cover or concealment.

Your thoughts?

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