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Over the last couple of days I’ve had well over 200 messages from students, online friends and even people I don’t know and have never met. All of them were asking if what Gabe Suarez was saying was true.  In one word, no. I would like to leave it at one word, but I can’t abide by a grown man lying to try to minimize the damage to his wallet so to address one lie. Gabe knows exactly why I left his organization. Here is a copy of the reply I sent him on 14 November when he emailed and asked if he and I “had an issue”

———————————————————–full and complete email————————————————————————

Gabe I’ll tell you the same thing I told the countless people who have asked both in and out of class. I don’t have an issue or animosity with you or SI. You’ve treated me fairly. When someone isn’t happy or doesn’t agree with the direction something is going they have two choices complain about their situation or change it. I’m not one to complain to another man about his business so I changed my situation. The reasons I gave you were all very real and actually increasing since in the last two weeks my step dad has sunk into full blown Alzheimer’s. The reasons I didn’t give you were that I’m not an equipment salesman and I don’t care for the increasingly hard line marketing approach SI has shifted to with ever changing and new “best” gizmo. Why didn’t I give those out? Because I’ve seen others go down that road and the issues it caused. To me this is a business, but it’s not my life or livelihood. I tend to not be emotional about business or life. I do what I do and when I no longer enjoy something or I think something may lead me to choosing between my integrity and making a dollar, I always choose my integrity. It’s the one thing no one can take and only I can give it up. I have enjoyed what I’ve.done within SI, but I felt it was time to move on.

After a lot of years of dodging being blown up, internet squabbles and emotions just don’t rank very high on my list of important things in my life.

From one friend to another your recent actions the last several months have really turned a lot of people sour on SI. People who have been long time supporters and multiple class students. I have had many tell me during class that they were taking the class in spite of you, not because of you.

If that was too blunt, sorry, but though I may not complain I’ve been told that I sometimes answer direct questions too honestly and with little tact.



Take Care,



Sent from Google Nexus phone

————————————————————End of First Email——————————————————————————-


He replied asking specifically what was pissing people off so I sent this one 4 hours later on 14 November.


————————————————–Full and complete email———————————————————————————-

Thanks, I just saw this.

The big thing people are uncomfortable with is the continually changing product line and bad mouthing the product line from last week. They are also not happy about the name calling and such of former vendors and staff. A lot of people were highly offended over Dale’s products being called sub-standard as one example. I get it that you’re trying to make money in a tough business, but eventually burning those bridges significantly reduces the paths you can take. For 2013 and even as 2012 was leaving us I would overhear students comments among themselves in class and they weren’t happy that the rifle/pistol/widget they bought based on SI’s recommendation was now junk according to the same person who sold it to them. As 2013 progressed the questions became more direct as to why you seemed to be going out of your way to insult customers. I totally understand where you want to go as far as being more upscale, but I think the question that needs to be answered is are there enough upscale customers to support everyone. I don’t see it. It would be great if those like Bae were the norm, but the reality is that the blue collar guy who saves for a few weeks or months and can either buy a new rifle or 2 classes seems to be the norm. Being proud of accomplishments is great and as it should be, but flaunting lavish purchases to the guy that just saved for two months to give you his money isn’t going to win any loyalty.

I’m off to my next class. This college schedule is kicking my ass this semester.



Take Care,


———————————————————End of Email—————————————————————————————-


If Gabe wants to claim he knew nothing of why people are leaving it is a lie. I’ll be glad to forward the email chain to anyone who doesn’t believe the copy and paste, it’s here for the asking.  There are a total of three emails that day containing his questions and my replies. I may address the other lies at some point, but I really don’t like drama, so for now just this one.

  1. Daniel says:

    I remember when SI was selling Magpul PMAGS for over 40 bucks a piece, when the supply was scarce. Talk about opportunistic gouging of the shooting community when times get tough. Thanks a lot Gabe!

    • gunsafetypro says:

      A little over $40 immediately after Sandy Hook was generous. The gun store I once worked in was charging $89 a pop right after Sandy Hook. People were still buying them, the price was whatever the market would bear, however the store did take a PR beating on Yelp! for it.

      “Price gouging”, for lack of a better word, is like any other economic activity. It has opportunity costs attached to it.

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